Bild 763

Football (soccer) is a thing in Germany. So you’ll find many places to play with the ball. In Berlin there are the so called »Fußballkäfige«—Football Cages. But every Cage looks sad in the rain. Shot with the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP F and the Panagor 28mm 1:2.5 (Rollei Superpan 200).

Bild 762

You won’t believe how hot Berlin can become in the summertime. There are some swimming pools in the city to freshen up.  But the one in the former east in Pankow is screaming »Bonjour tristesse« Shot with the compact camera Minolte AF-E and an expired Agfa Optima Prestige.

Bild 758

Leaving the home in the night with an film camera is always a special adventure. People with digital cameras  calling themselves available light photographers don’t really know about having only that one ISO. Although you might push in development which i have done. This night i used an Ilford Delta […]