Films i love: Rollei RPX 25


Every now and then you are confronted with what I call a ‘grower’. It may be a record, a movie or in this very case a film. Growers don’t show their quality at first sight—some of them do but not many. They grow, with every time we hear the track, watch that movie or use and develop a film.

For me the Rollei RPX 25 was such a grower, it grew for and with me and now I don’t want to miss it any more. The Rollei RPX 25 is a slow panchromatic black and white film and it is marketed with fine grain and good exposure latitude.

The prints of my self developed RPX negatives are fabulous.

Most street photographers shake their heads about the guys who shoot the streets analogue. And I myself saw one or two shaking the heads furiously as I told them I do that and I do it only with manual lenses and most of the times wide open. And there falls a film like the Rollei into place: I love the possibility to shoot at bright and sunny days wide open— that means f2.0 or even 1.4. I am not a landscape photographer and although some of my pics show architecture it is not my main motif. So I seldom use a tripod and my long exposures can be counted with my fingers. (I have 10). But as I am told in these cases the Rollei shines even brighter.

So it’s all about the bokeh and the creaminess for me? You bet it is! And about the fact that it develops really great with Rodinal—which is the developer I use. Up to now every development with Rodinal gave me good results. That is for Rodinal 1+50 for 11 min, agitation every minute and a roughly 70 min. stand development in Rodinal 1+100.

As you can see the pictures are sharp and the grain is subtle and fine. The prints from the photo lab are amazing—which I hope to make by myself in the near future.

Fly fishing. With ISO 25. The red rectangle shows the crop in the next picture.



The crop. As you see the grain is fine the sharpness is outstanding (Shot with Minolta XD-7/11 and Rokkor MD 50mm)

As I am thinking more and more about buying a bulk loader for films the Rollei RPX 25 would be one of my candidates for buying on a roll of 30 meters. This I didn’t know right after my first roll and not after the second. As I said, the Rollei RPX 25 was a grower for me and it ist seems to be here to stay!

Mmmmh: Bokeh. Mmmmmh: Creamy. Shooting wide open in the sunlight. Therefore i love the Rollei RPX 25.



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